Hello Tarot!

So I got lucky a couple of weeks ago and found the Joe Rosales’ version of Tarot. This deck is VERY OOP and VERY unauthorized. Evidently Sanrio sent him a C+D and that’s why not too many copies were made. They protect their copyrights with the same ferocity Disney does.

Anyway, this is a Hello Kitty themed deck. It’s a RWS clone, but some of the images are different, but not by much. He even recommends Eden Gray’s Complete Guide to Tarot on the title card. It’s in B+W and it’s also a full 78 card deck with 54 Minors, 22 Majors, title card, and description card. It didn’t come with a box.

So here are some sample cards. I won’t be using this one for readings. First off, it’s rare and worth about 20x more than what I paid for it. Secondly, the cards are *thin* and feel only slightly thicker than printer paper. I don’t want them getting damaged. What I might do, though, is scan some more cards in and then color them or do whatever w/the scanned images. I don’t know. What I’m NOT going to do is alter it via lamination or coloring the cards directly. For now, I’m taking it out and gloating, then putting it back in the storage box. Enjoy!