English Magic Tarot

So I picked up this deck about a month ago. It was created by Rex Van Ryn, Steve Dooley, Andy Letcher, and published by Weiser Books in 2016. I think I paid about $7 for my copy from Amazon. Changing Hands wanted $30. NO.

That having been said, I do like the deck–on the whole. The images are clear and bright, and done in a comic book style. The art reminds me a LOT of the Whitewolf games from the mid 90’s. I like the coloured borders for each suit as well. It makes it easier for beginners to learn each suit and pick them apart in a reading. This is basically a RWS clone, and so anyone familiar with that deck should be able to pick this one up and read with it without too many issues.

The downside is the cards are HUGE. I have small hands, even for a woman, and these cards are unwieldy in the extreme. I was afraid I’d bend them shuffling, but fortunately, I didn’t. The cardstock has a nice matte finish that photographs well, but seems sort of thin. There’s also no bag for the cards. They are stored in two piles inside an insert in the box. I don’t really like this as the top cards can slide around inside the box and get damaged.

The LWB is hardly little. It’s fully illustrated with a whole page about each card. They do explain some of the hidden bits in the images, but it still doesn’t change the fact it’s a RWS clone. It’s nicely designed and fits neatly on top of the cards inside the box.

I’ll use this deck upon request, but I’m not taking it anywhere. The lack of a box to fix the cards inside the main storage box is a pain. Also, the raw size of the cards make them difficult to use. So this is going to be a deck more for my collection than actually using. I’m just glad I got it for a song new instead of coughing up the full MSRP.

The box and book:


The cards: English Magic




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